WST/CSU 2014 XC Race Series

The Cambridge Sports Union ski section and Weston Ski Track team up each year to put on a series of Tuesday night cross country ski races. These freestyle races begin at 7:00 pm. They typically cover about 5-10km.


We will start the official series Tuesday the 7th of January.

Here are pertinent details for this year:


Ø  First, sign up will be online at RaceMenu here. Race series is $20 plus $2 for the online fee, totaling $22. Remember to include your 3 initials (see next bullet) and date of birth if you want to be included in age class competition.


Ø  Again this year, no more numbers. We're going to use each skier's 3 initials as his or her race number.


Ø  Like last year, there will be two waves, with the faster skiers going at 7:00, and the slower skiers going at 7:30.


We believe that the $22 offers an exceptional value – 8 official races and a fun race and banquet on the final Tuesday. We use the money for lights, batteries, start cones, miscellaneous expenses, and of course, the awards and banquet. You must note, however, that each participant is responsible for his or her own day pass or season pass to permit use of Weston Ski Track.


Details you’ll want to know:

  1. Races start promptly at 7:00 & 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, conditions permitting. The official season start is normally the first Tuesday on or after New Year's, and ends on the last Tuesday in February, but we may hold informal races on any prior/following Tuesday that conditions permit (no points, though-- see 5. below.

  2.  The distance will usually, but not necessarily, be about 5-10k, freestyle technique. We will have one mid-season 10k race if we ever get a full natural snow loop intact that allows the extended distance without taxing our limited ability to keep the right lap count.

  3. Wave one starts at 7 p.m. and is for skiers who typically finish in the top ½ of the field at Weston.  Wave two starts at 7:30 p.m. and is for everyone else.  Seeding for this will be informal.  The idea is to avoid having people getting lapped to the extent possible.

  4. Generally, the mass starts will be about 3 wide, with the fastest skiers up front to avoid tangles. Start lanes may be assigned as a semi-formal way of getting the fastest skiers up front to try to lessen the chaos of true mass start. When Mt Weston is skiable, we usually bypass it on the first lap to minimize start congestion. Racers are awarded points based on their finish position, with separate points awarded for men and women.  Since we will have two waves, times are needed to determine final position for the combined results.  The points scale is as follows: 










  1. The series will be a season-long points competition. The total sum of individual race points determines one's overall position for the season.   Only the best 5/8 races will count.  Awards are given based on gender and age groups, along with overall male/female.

  2. In the event of cancellations, no makeup race will be held.  If this happens, the “best of” is changed to be the fraction closest to 2/3s.

  3. Disputed finishes will have to be decided by the involved skiers-- this is meant to be a fun series, so let's not take it too seriously other than trying as hard as you can.

  4.  Try to note your time as you cross the finish line, and proceed to the end of the chute.  If there is a recorder, give your name and initials to this person, otherwise record them yourself.  Letters are often hard to hear, so we use the ICAO phonetic alphabet.  Please take the time to learn yours.  These serve as your race number.  They are:


So, for example, if you are John Quincy Adams, you would tell the recorder your initials are:  “Juliett, Quebec, Alpha”.


  1. We will continue use of a NASCAR style “neutral zone” start.  We will line up about 400 meters before the start line, and have a controlled lead-out start.

  2. We will give verbal pre-race instructions immediately before each race start.

  3. Most correspondence will be handled by email.  You will get results spreadsheets and details about races such as last-minute instructions or cancellations.